The System Dynamics software TRUE, developed by True-World System Dynamics,
is a tool for modeling, simulating, analyzing and optimizing multidomain dynamic applications
TRUE software : applications TRUE software : principle
Operation and strategic research, decision-making
Conflict management dependent on scarce resources
Risk Management dependent on Earth resources
Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics, Econophysic, Systemic
Mathematics, traditional physics, Numerical Analysis, Statistics
Relative Mechanics, Social Mathematics
Statistical process control (SPC)
Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSP)
Constraint programming (PPC)
4D virtual prototyping
Multibody Dynamics Simulation (MDS)
System dynamics modeling in discrete and continuous time (Euler)
Transparent and implied mathematical modeling
Coupled nonlinear differential equations of order nn
  • because in TRUE stocks can change n times beetween two units of time
  • differential equations of others softwares are only order n

    TRUE preserves the stocks integrity
  • because in TRUE it is not possible to make unbalanced model
  • in others softwares, it is possible to change a stock without compensation
  • unbalanced model might create economic bubbles and financial crisis

    Dynamic optimization, feedback
    Algorithm for backtracking (BT Backtrack, loop back, dynamic backtracking)
    Wysiwyg graphic interface

    Graphical modeling, 3D modeler, bone features
    Real time 3D animated viewer without post-processing
    Multibody Dynamics Simulation
    Procedural Animation
  • Example : strategic model
      The dynamic display of the variables (in a 2D or 3D view) allows to understand a model for the simulated period, that is more easily understandable than a list of static variables

    This model is in the True package
    Example : Modern Monetary Theory
      Public analysis of alternative monetary theories
    Working with Steve Keenís Circuit Model
    Continuous time model
    by Fred Decker

    This model is in the True package
    Example : Medicine model
      Glycemic control
    Imported Vensim (VensimPLE) model
    See more on ModelisationSvt

    This model is in the True package
    Example : mechanical engineering with 3D procedural animation
      The motion of a non-offset piston connected to a crank through a connecting rod, can be expressed through several mathematical equations
    See more on wikipedia Example of piston motion

    This model is in the True package
    3D graphic modeler
      The software True can simulate a physical model and render it through a 3D animation created with its 3D modeler
    External 3D viewer - MDS examples
    3D Piston
    animated by its physical model

    3D Spider made with bones
    animated by its physical model

    Download TrueRender with some examples